The best time to get a flu shot

As COVID-19 continues to dominate the news, another seasonal battle is waiting to rear its ugly head: Influenza. Experts agree that the best way to protect yourself from catching the flu is to vaccinate. But when’s the best time to get a flu shot? The answer isn’t “one size fits all.” Flu season typically begins […]

Common myths about vaccines

Making the decision of whether or not to vaccinate your children is a personal one. Don’t let misinformation change your mind about getting vaccinated or vaccinating your children. Here are some of the common myths you might see when doing research about vaccines or browsing around social media: Myth #1: Vaccines cause autism Vaccines and […]

Heart-healthy recipes: Matcha Mini Cakes

Soothe that summertime sweet tooth with these delicious, miniature cakes made with healthy ingredients like green tea and eggs. This dessert takes about an hour to put together and bake, but the wait is worth it. Soon, you’ll be sitting poolside with these sweet treats, soaking up the sun. This recipe is courtesy the American […]

Three fears of a first-time mom

Babies are beautiful, but sometimes they bring the unexpected. The excitement that comes with seeing those two pink lines for the first time can sometimes come with a wave of worry and that’s okay. It’s natural to have the fears of a first-time mom. We’re here to help. Even if you’ve been planning on having […]