A simple test may have saved his life

It pays to have friends. I’m still pretty young. I’m active. I try to eat right. I’m sure everything is fine. These were the kinds of things Melvin Schadler was telling himself. He’d experienced some tightness in his chest while driving several months before, but it went away. Everything was fine. It was just stress. […]

How to get help with your medical bills

By: Michelle Schmidt, Director of Marketing at The Midland Group Before joining The Midland Group, Michelle Schmidt has worked with many well-known companies, such Big Brothers Big Sisters, Clara Biotech, and several private universities, among many others. Michelle also owns and operates a private photography business and is a self-proclaimed story enthusiast who believes that […]

Don’t let thyroid issues go undiagnosed

Did you know that January is Thyroid Awareness Month? You might be shaking your head and truly wondering “of all things, why thyroid awareness?”  It’s a good question.  To put thyroid conditions into context, The American Thyroid Association estimates 20 million Americans have a thyroid problem and half are unaware and undiagnosed.  By comparison, 30 […]

North Wichita Families Gain New Bilingual Doctor

Newton Medical Center (NMC) announces the addition of Yvonne Saunders-Teigeler, MD, FAAFP, to North Amidon Family Physicians at 3443 N Amidon Ave. in Wichita. “Dr. Teigeler is a great addition to our clinic in Wichita,” said Alex Haines, vice president of clinic operations. “Her extensive training and experience with families, along with her love of […]

Cramer Joins NMC Walk-in Health Clinic

Newton Medical Center (NMC) announces the addition of Elizabeth Cramer, family nurse practitioner, to the health system’s new Walk-in Health Clinic in Park City. “We’re excited to welcome Elizabeth to our Walk-in Health Clinic,” said Alex Haines, vice president of clinic operations. “Elizabeth’s passion for helping patients and wealth of experience will give Park City […]

Volunteering – More Important Than Ever

“What should young people do with their lives today?  Many things, obviously. But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.” I found this Kurt Vonnegut quote while doing some research the other day. Intrigued, I copied it down for future reference. We met […]

NMC Welcomes Stephanie Rogers as Laboratory Director

Newton Medical Center (NMC) welcomes Stephanie Rogers, MEd, MLS (ASCP), as its new laboratory director. With laboratory services at NMC’s hospital and clinics, Rogers’ duties include managing NMC’s pathology and neurology laboratories, and administrative oversight of the respiratory care department. “I’m thrilled to welcome Stephanie to NMC,” explains Heather Porter, NMC chief clinical officer. “With […]

NMC Announces 2020 Board of Directors; Welcomes New Member

Newton Medical Center (NMC) announced today its 2020 Board of Directors. John Morton, Ed.D., will chair the Board of Directors, accepting the position from outgoing Board Chair, Ron Lang. Dr. Morton will serve in this role through October 31, 2020. The officers for the 2020 NMC Board of Directors are: John Morton, Ed.D., Chair Willis […]