Heart-healthy recipes: Savor the flavor of sweet & sour pork

This dish is certainly better than stopping at your favorite fast food place, and has just a fraction of the sodium! Even if you’re on a heart-healthy diet and you’re looking to keep your salt in check, this delicious take on traditional Asian cuisine will have your family begging for more – and you can […]

Heart-healthy recipes: Seduce your sweetheart with these raspberry chocolate mini macarons

Looking for a heart-healthy sweet treat this Valentine’s Day? Why not make your sweetheart some delicious treats as a gift, or maybe to share after a three-course meal? The American Heart Association offers several heart-healthy recipes that promise to be delicious and easy to prepare. While this dessert has a little bit of sugar, you […]

How to get help with your medical bills

By: Michelle Schmidt, Director of Marketing at The Midland Group Before joining The Midland Group, Michelle Schmidt has worked with many well-known companies, such Big Brothers Big Sisters, Clara Biotech, and several private universities, among many others. Michelle also owns and operates a private photography business and is a self-proclaimed story enthusiast who believes that […]

Don’t let thyroid issues go undiagnosed

Did you know that January is Thyroid Awareness Month? You might be shaking your head and truly wondering “of all things, why thyroid awareness?”  It’s a good question.  To put thyroid conditions into context, The American Thyroid Association estimates 20 million Americans have a thyroid problem and half are unaware and undiagnosed.  By comparison, 30 […]

How to kick the habit: Stress – is it hurting my heart?

We hear so much about stress these days. The American Institute of Stress defines it as “physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension.”  I’ve noticed it’s generally discussed in a negative context. But I’d argue there is a distinct difference between everyday stress and distress. Everyday stress is not normally harmful when you have appropriate […]

Stand up for health: Are you at risk for Office Syndrome?

Whether you’re stuck behind a computer all day or caught in meeting after meeting, sitting for extended periods of time can contribute to one of the most common reasons for chronic back pain out there – Office Syndrome. The appropriately termed ailment is a collection of uncomfortable symptoms stemming from the act of sitting at […]