As a donor, you have the opportunity to make a difference in our community. Newton Medical Center, a not-for-profit hospital, could not do what it does without the generous donations of people like you.

Thank you for supporting our mission: to excel in providing healthcare by understanding and responding to the individual needs of those we serve.

The Vision

NMC is home to the Generations Unit, a 12-bed unit specially designed to evaluate and treat behavioral health issues associated with aging like Alzheimer’s and other dementias. While the unit includes features such a private rooms and bathroom, certified animal-assisted therapy and is a Music & Memory Certified Facility, it currently lacks a secure area where patients may enjoy time outdoors.

Research shows that being outdoors can benefit those with dementia by improving emotional state, physical health, memory and attention. So, as part of our commitment to providing excellent care centered on the individual needs of each patient and their families, our vision is to create a private garden area for those in our Generations Unit.

The Barrick & Kristi Wilson Terrace

The namesake for this healing garden is inspired by a generous gift from longtime NMC supporters Barrick and Kristi Wilson. Barrick and Kristi were active members of the Newton community – as NMC employees, they were dedicated to the success of the hospital and to building relationships within the community they loved. Our hope is that this project will honor their memory.

Highlights of the Barrick & Kristi Wilson Terrace will include:

  • An opportunity to engage the senses. This area allows patients to enjoy the outdoors and activate the sense of touch through a variety of textures in the plants and soil.
  • Encourages exercise and movement. This unique garden area includes a planting bed in the center of the space, creating a natural circular walkway for patients to utilize.
  • A gathering space for friends and family. With benches and a picnic table, the garden area is an ideal place for friends and family to visit loved ones or to enjoy a meal together.
  • Specially designed for patient safety. Featuring wide walkways, tall garden walls, safe plants and shade coverings to protect delicate skin, the garden allows patients to safely and independently enjoy the outdoors while providing nursing staff with an unobstructed view to monitor patients at all times.

About Barrick & Kristi

A classic Midwest love story, Barrick and Kristi met as teenagers and reunited after college. Opposites attracted as Barrick, a radio and band personality, fell hopelessly in love with the more conservative and reserved Kristi. The two married in 1967, then made their home in Wichita, where they raised two sons, Jeff and Bryan.

Barrick and Kristi dreamt of growing old together, traveling and enjoying retirement. But in her late 40s, Kristi began developing signs of dementia. Eventually, she was unable to remember her life with Barrick and their family. Barrick faithfully cared for Kristi for as long as possible until moving her to NMC’s Generations Unit and then to a permanent care home. After a life of nearly 50 years together, the two are remembered fondly for the love they shared and the many lives they touched.

To Donate

Donations can be made online or mailed to the hospital at PO Box 308, Attn: Development Office. All donations are tax deductible.

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