NMC Fit Trail

Welcome to the next step of health at Newton Medical Center – the NMC Fit Trail!

Why is this important to NMC? The future of healthcare must advance beyond treating the ill to preventing illness through healthier living. By developing this trail on the NMC campus, we hope to inspire patients, visitors and families to live better with outdoor physical activity.

Station 1 – Fitness Facts, Calf Stretch

Station 2 – Hamstring & Quadriceps Stretch

Station 3 – Bent Knee Hand, Heart Beat Check

Station 4 – Sit Up, Leg Raise

Station 5 – Leg Stretch, Push Ups

Station 6 – Body Raise, Reverse Pull Up

Station 7 – Balance Walk, Heartbeat Check

Station 8 – Side Bend, Fitness Facts

Station 9 – Hamstring Pull, Lift and Drop

Station 10 – Tension Release