MDsave Program

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If you are paying out-of-pocket for healthcare, save up to 60% with the MDsave program.

If you’re paying out-of-pocket for healthcare, Newton Medical Center has an excellent partnership with MDsave, a company that works to find your affordable health care.

Save money be prepaying your bill online BEFORE your doctor’s visit. Providers in the network reach new patients and are willing to offer better prices on pre-paid plans.

Patients can save an average of $345 (and up to 60%) when buying a procedure from an a la carte menu. Plus, your MDsave purchase might count against your insurance deductible.

Eligibility is determined by your insurance provider and depends on the plan.

How it works

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Compare prices for common procedures and medical services such as imaging and radiology, general surgery, lab work, drug testing and physical therapy.

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Next, buy your procedure through the secure MDsave site or by calling 1-844-512-7816. Follow the scheduling instructions and set up a time with your provider.

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Make sure to bring your voucher to show you’ve already paid for your medical care. After you set up your appointment and meet with your provider, they will let you know the next steps in scheduling the surgery/procedure.

Other common procedures

You can save $50 when you schedule your mammogram throughout the month of October.
Breast cancer is a BIG deal. Getting a mammogram isn’t. Click the picture to learn how!