Spiritual Support Services

At Newton Medical Center, spiritual care is affirmed as an integral part of the team approach to health care and is very much a part of our belief and values. We are grateful for our spiritual heritage. Our mission is to excel in providing health care by understanding and responding to the individual needs of those we serve, including spiritual and emotional needs.

Our Chaplain can serve you, and/or your family, by:

  • Being present with you during crisis or stress
  • Contacting your local pastor in a crisis situation
  • Bringing spiritual resources to bear toward your healing
  • Arranging for sacraments and rituals
  • Considering medical/ethical decisions
  • Offering pastoral visitation
  • Providing spiritual counseling
  • Supporting you and your physician’s medical goals
  • Advocating for your concerns
  • Sharing blessings of praise and thanksgiving

Other services provided in cooperation with the hospital’s interdisciplinary team include assisting with advance care planning, lending insight into religious and cultural diversity, participating in ethics consultations, connecting with organ/tissue donation services and engaging in community partnerships.

Pastor Notification

At the time of your admission, we will note your religious preference and local church affiliation. You and/or your family are encouraged to notify your pastor personally. Your own clergyperson is welcome to visit you at any time.

Bibles and devotional guides in large print are available in your room. CD/DVD players are also in each patient room. Religious music CDs are available for your use while in the hospital, as well as prayer cards, rosaries and other spiritual care resources through the pastoral care department.

At Newton Medical Center, a chaplain is available 24/7. To request a chaplain Monday through Friday, between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m, call (316) 804-6022 (from outside the hospital) or dial extension 1720 from a hospital telephone.

After 6 p.m. and on weekends and holidays, ask a nurse or other staff member to contact the switchboard and request a Chaplain.


Our Hospital Chapel is a quiet oasis. Located in the main hallway across from the center courtyard, the chapel is always open. It is an environment of calm, available for personal meditation or small group consultation. Prayer requests may be left there for our chaplain. Bibles, devotional guides and other supportive care resources are also available in the chapel.

Sacraments and Rituals

On Sunday mornings, Holy Communion is made available to you. A card arrives on your breakfast tray. You may indicate your preference for Protestant, Catholic or other faith tradition for the communion sacrament. Upon giving your card to your nurse, appropriate Eucharistic ministers or Communion stewards will come to your room. Arrangements for Holy Communion at other times are available upon request.

In addition to prayers, you may request baptisms, blessings, naming ceremonies, anointing of the sick and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The Hospital Chaplain may provide, or arrange for another chaplain to provide, these services for you.

Volunteer Chaplaincy Program

Newton Medical Center’s volunteer chaplaincy program provides a unique opportunity for local and area clergy to serve patients and families in times of a health crisis, as well as hospital staff in times of special needs.

The members of our dedicated volunteer chaplain team each choose one night per month of call-in availability. Volunteer chaplains are not asked to complete any clinical paperwork.

Responsibilities are to provide a ministry of presence and spiritual care for patients, families and/or staff as requested during the designated availability.

If you are interested in participating as a volunteer chaplain, please contact the hospital chaplain at (316) 804-6022. She will provide you with an application form and schedule a free breakfast interview with the Pastoral Care Advisory Council.